We design products for social and ecological good.

Tikati is a multidisciplinary technology company. We build our own products, and collaborate with companies and organizations to actualize their ideas. As a social enterprise, we value making a difference more than making a profit.

Tikati means to weave in Croatian. We're a global company with Californian roots.

Diverse network

Our network of advisors and affiliates includes designers, engineers, entrepreneurs, inventors, and changemakers working across an array of companies and industries.

Social enterprise

Our end goal is to build sustainable solutions that improve the lives of people and the environment of our clients. We're a for-profit California company that prioritizes people and the earth over profit.

Multidisciplinary scope

We craft web applications, robotic systems, brand identities, and more. Our team includes copywriters, programmers, designers, scientists, and hardware engineers.

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Build with us

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We want you!

Tikati is looking for consultants and advisors to join the team. Our company structure offers minimal hierarchy and ample opportunities for participation, networking, and ownership.


We need talented designers, copywriters, and engineers on our team.

- Design, write, and code for good
- Remote part-time with flexible hours
- Earn cash and/or an equity stake


We're looking for changemakers interested in mentorship and collaboration.

- Network with our advisory board
- Access our technical network
- Guide the direction of our work